Love Stories

Farmhouse wedding couples tell their stories.


While wedding days signify a new chapter in each couple’s lives together, they are part of a larger unique story already in progress. Where did each Farmhouse couple meet? How long have they known each other? How did their romance begin? What do they treasure most in each other? What are their traditions? The answers to these and other questions are sometimes told to us in the many meetings we typically have with couples to plan their special day, by the heartfelt tributes given to them by family and friends, or captured in pictures taken during ceremonies and celebrations. Here are just a few. What’s your love story?

Lydia and Matt Cherryville Photography Lydia and Matt Cherryville Photography
John & Jim Farmhouse Wedding John & Jim Farmhouse Wedding
Pinky & Mauricio Pinky & Mauricio
Diane and Ron Diane and Ron
Marie and Brian Marie and Brian