Marie and Brian

Marie and Brian: Fantasy Football becomes a Fantasy Proposal!

A Match Made in Heaven

Brian’s brother, Michael, and Marie’s sister, Cristina, both attended the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. In 2013, Michael and Christina were beginning their senior years and wanted their siblings, Marie and Brian, to come and visit. Brian had met Christina, and Marie had met Michael over the years, but Marie and Brian had never met each other.

Brian had been working for a few months as a Civil Engineer in Manhattan and Marie had freshly graduated from DeSales University as a Physician Assistant and was studying to take her boards. Labor Day Weekend of 2013 Brian traveled from New York and Marie came in from Allentown, Pennsylvania to spend the long weekend with their siblings. Little did they know, it was a set up.

Marie and Brian spent the day outside in the beautiful September weather socializing with Michael and Christina and friends. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

After that initial weekend, Marie and Brian kept in touch and eventually visited each other’s houses in Pennsylvania and New York. They spent time solely on weekends, since they were 2 hours apart and dated for almost 3 years when Brian decided he knew what he wanted.

The Proposal

Marie and Brian’s families all played in a Fantasy Football league together in 2015 and were planning to get everyone together on New Year’s Eve to give out “prizes” and celebrate the holiday. Brian used this get together as the best way to propose to Marie. Everyone was handed out a shirt with their team name on it, but Marie’s was different. Her shirt only had her name on it. Suddenly, in came Marie’s dog, Luna, who was ALSO wearing a shirt asking Marie to marry Brian.

The Wedding Planning

Brian & Marie stumbled upon The Farmhouse during their search and knew it was meant to be. The rustic appearance of the grounds mixed with a beautiful golden ballroom was more than Marie could have asked for. They stayed for dinner after choosing The Farmhouse for their June wedding.

June 10, 2017

On the big day, it was everything they could have imagined and more. The Farmhouse staff could not have been more willing to please everyone the entire night. There was never a glass left empty or a guest waiting for more than a few seconds. The food was amazing, and guests couldn’t stop talking about the cocktail hour for months! It seemed effortless to for Marie and Brian to enjoy themselves with all of their guests. It was truly a magical night that left them wanting to do it all over again.

Since the wedding, Marie and Brian have been to The Farmhouse a few times for dinner and Marie drives by it every day on her way back to work in Pennsylvania. To this day, they still can’t believe how wonderful their special day really was.