John and Jim

Today John and Jim married at The Farmhouse at The Grand Colonial in the Wine Room.  Their friends gathered around them for an intimate ceremony. Afterwards the couple and their guests dined on a seafood tower, fondue, and charcuterie board, followed by entrees and a delicious cake topped with a symbol of their love for each other.

John and Jim met 11 years ago on line when that was “still a new thing to do.”  They have lived in Hunterdon County for the past 2 years.

Jim told us that he loves John’s enthusiasm for life, for animals, for holidays and creating memories. John said that Jim is honest and open and has been an angel on his shoulder helping him make the right decisions since they met.

When John said  “I would like to marry you. It could be in a town hall, and no one would have to know”, Jim wanted to give John so much more. So he decided to have their marriage ceremony at The Farmhouse. “We wanted it dignified, with a small number of people. Simple but elevated. Location was important. It had to be at The Farmhouse.”

The couple plan to take a honeymoon shortly in the Catskills. “We both love the mountains” John said.

Jurissa Campbell of the Universal Life Church officiated at the ceremony. Greens & Beans provided the flowers.