Our Healthy Passion for Fresh Cuisine, Community Ties and Exceptional Experiences

Local roots – literally and otherwise – are deep, rich and close to the heart. They’re what make The Farmhouse unique and special, and are our fuel for creating dining and event experiences that embody those same qualities. They’re also what keep us growing – and why our guests keep coming back.

We are a leader in the farm to table movement because we’re passionate about everything it stands for: promoting the humane treatment of animals and the pure process of just-picked fruits and vegetables. But even more so, it’s about partnership, community and heritage. For example, in addition to our alliance with local farms and artisans and the bounty of heirloom ingredients grown in our own backyard, Chef Christine draws from her Italian upbringing to forage cardoons and fiddlehead ferns in April. After a weekend of hunting and gathering with family, she cultivates these wild plants and transforms them within beautiful, ethnic-inspired dishes for restaurant guests.

This marriage of foraged ingredients and artisanal partnerships is purposeful and rewarding, ripe with tradition and strengthened by local ties. This is how – and why – we design our menus around a seasonal harvest of fresh, locally sourced, grown and gathered ingredients for every occasion, sophisticated large-space special events, intimate al fresco dining and anything in between.

From grass-fed beef to unexpected foraged ingredients, we bring the farm, stream and forest to your table. It’s an experience you need to taste to believe. You’ll savor every bite.

Farm to Table at The Farmhouse