Alex and Isaac

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Alex and Isaac: It Began with Friendship

In June 2008 Alex and Isaac attended Freshmen Orientation at Ursinus College. Alexandra approached Isaac, looking to make some new friends before college started in September. By the start of school that September, the two had become friends, hanging out in the gym and eating meals together. Isaac attended Alex’s soccer games. Their friendship continued to grow as both of their freshman years unfolded.

Friendship grew into Love

By their sophomore year, Isaac made it clear to Alex that his feelings for her had grown beyond that of friendship. Alex had been waiting for that moment for some time. The two recognized that they truly brought out the best in each other. They dated throughout college, and after graduation started building their lives together.

 The Proposal: “Today is a Special Day!”

After graduation, Isaac grew into his role as a farmer and small business owner, while Alex worked in corporate marketing and volunteered in mental health advocacy. On December 5, 2014 Alex received a bamboo plant at her office with no name just “Today is a special day.” Intrigued and excited Alex went about her day until the office receptionist phoned her saying her boyfriend was at the reception desk.  Alex walked Isaac to her cubicle area where he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Her co-workers took pictures and celebrated before Isaac swept her away to a local restaurant for further celebration.

Falling in Love Again: The Farmhouse at The Grand Colonial

May 2015: Alex and Isaac visited the Farmhouse at the Grand Colonial for their first venue tour and it was everything and more than Alex imagined in a wedding venue. She fell in love instantly with the ballroom elegance but farm-like feel of the landscape. After visiting a few additional venues in the area, she felt there was no comparison and Alex and Isaac booked their wedding date at the Farmhouse.

The Rehearsal Dinner at The Farmhouse

During the rehearsal dinner, Alexandra expressed her concern about the forecast to The Farmhouse’s Director of Catering, Kevin McMullen.  Kevin promised clear skies, despite the storms anticipated by network news. “Look in the back of your contract…. We guarantee the weather too!” quipped Kevin.

The Special Day Arrives: A Beautiful Wedding

July 22, 2016: After a year of planning, everything came together beautifully for Alex & Isaac’s special day.

Delivering on his promise, the wedding day’s weather was spectacular. Kicking off the festivities, the wedding party arrived in style:  Alex and her bridesmaids traveled on the Bucks County Trolley’s “maiden” voyage to The Farmhouse, followed by Isaac and his groomsmen, and then all of the couple’s guests. The Trolley was the clarion of the couple’s signature style, which carried through the day’s events, each detail carefully considered, from the sunflowers carried by the Bride, to the refreshments, menu and entertainment they chose for their guests.

Robert Lubowiki Photography
Robert Lubowiki Photography
Robert Lubowiki Photography
Robert Lubowiki Photography

Alex’s favorite wedding moments:

Turning the corner to walk down the aisle to her outdoor wedding with her dad and seeing Isaac’s face. “It was just a breathtaking moment for me that I’ll never forget.”

Isaac’s Favorite Wedding Moment:

“Seeing Alex cry ever so slightly as she walked down the aisle, making me realize that it was all coming true.”

Robert Lubowsky Photography
Robert Lubowiki Photography

What Alex Treasures Most About Isaac:

“He always knows how to solve problems. Whether something is rattling in my car, I’m having difficulty with a work situation or I just need a hug, Isaac always knows the perfect solution. I know I can count on him. He’s my rock.”

What Isaac treasures most about Alex:

“She is a social butterfly, always scheduling fun and interactive things for us to do on weekends. She also is passionate about giving back to the community through volunteer work and advocacy.”

And There’s More….

The Farmhouse was so honored when Alex and Isaac returned to The Farmhouse for their first anniversary dinner. We wish this wonderful couple continued happiness and all of the luck in the world!

To Be Continued ….