Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Matt Guindon & Carrie Schleck Guindon of Matthew Douglas Photography



Preferred Vendor Matt Guindon, owner of Matthew Douglas Photography, recently gave The Farmhouse Team insider’s advice for choosing a wedding photographer. Matt and his wife are a husband/wife team of NJ wedding photographers.


Matt advised that “after you have booked your wedding venue, the vendors you want to pay attention to are the photographer, and the entertainment. These are the vendors that get booked way in advance, so you’ll want to make arrangements with those vendors first. As a photographer, my clients are usually very recently engaged.”


Matt emphasized that every wedding couple should ask this important question: “Can I meet the photographer(s) who will be shooting my event?” We asked Matt why this was such an important question to ask. After all, the couple is going to meet the photographer(s) day of, right? Matt’s response was telling:

“Boutique studios, such as ours, always have the same photographers, and usually only service one wedding per day. Larger studios with a dedicated staff are also a good option. Regardless of which model you go with, try to meet the actual photographer who will do your shoot. Larger studios without a dedicated staff frequently book events, then find someone to shoot them at a very low price. If the photographer is getting a low percentage of the fee, how much will s/he care about the quality of the photos at your wedding? While there is always going to be a range of prices amongst photographers, at the end of the day, you tend to get what you are paying for.”


Matt noted that when choosing a wedding photographer, couples should look for a photographer who will start building a relationship before the wedding in order to properly plan for it. He said that all wedding couples should look for such services in those whom they hire, and to take full advantage of the services offered. The relationship is so important, Matt explained, to telling each couple’s authentic story.


Says Matt, “Each couple is unique, and has their own story to tell. Capturing the each couple’s authentic story through photography takes planning. It also requires the technical knowledge and experience to anticipate and capture the moments as they happen.” When choosing a wedding photographer, couples should look for a skilled wedding photographer who is willing to dedicate the time it takes to tell their story.

“I truly believe that every wedding and every story is different and we want to tell the story of the authentic you.” said Matt. “It is for this reason that we only shoot one event per day, and never use contract photographers. Our clients are more than a number, more than a subject to be photographed. Our clients are truly my friends.”

Matthew Douglass Photography is one of The Farmhouse’s Preferred Vendors, and has been capturing the authentic stories of wedding couples here since our earliest beginnings. Matt has an intimate knowledge of every nook and cranny of the premises, and thus how to best time indoor/outdoor shots.

Matt told us that his grandfather built and ran Douglas Meaney Studios in Plainfield, NJ for over 50 years.  “His legacy continues to live on.  I have had the honor of photographing the weddings of grand-daughters of his brides and in one case, the second wedding of a bride he photographed in the 1980’s.  I still have his original business sign hanging in the studio.”

Carrie began assisting Matt before they were married, during their college days, when Matt worked for a large studio. She is now the main go-to for the grooms’ getting ready photos, the alternative view points, and most of the detail pictures.

Matthew Douglas Photography is located in an historic building in the heart of downtown Flemington, NJ.  It is located at 125 Main St. on the corner of Mine St.  The studio is open Monday-Saturday depending on the shooting schedule.  Sessions and consultations are available by appointment.  Call or text the studio at 908-735-9098, or send an email to to schedule an appointment.