Amwell Valley Conservancy

Farmhouse Game Noodle Bowl

January 14, 2017

Amwell Valley Conservancy

On Saturday night The Farmhouse welcomed the Amwell Valley Conservancy back to the Perryville Room to enjoy a hearty meal. The dinner was prepared from the Conservancy’s harvest of diverse game from the forest, including venison, pheasant, mallard duck and chukar.

Date, Serrano Ham, Braised Chukar

Amwell Valley Conservancy Date Serrano Ham Braised Chukar

“This is so much fun for me to prepare,” said Christine, Executive Chef at The Farmhouse. “The Amwell Valley Conservancy is a pleasure to work with. I love working with customers to find out their vision for their menus. Game dinners are extremely versatile, and can go in just about any direction” she explained. Chef Christine responded “We asked Christine for examples. She said that “after getting a sense of what direction the customer wants to go it, I transform the game into a culinary adventure, which can embrace just about any culture, including Italian, Indian, Spanish, Southwestern South American. This list goes on.”

Korean Style Venison Meatballs


Christine explained that the process is the same for game meat as it would be for fish. “I separate the legs from the breast meat leaving the bones in for all the birds, including the mallard, pheasant, and a little partridge called chukar. Then I brine, either once, or in some cases three times, using three different tastes for a very complex flavor combination. I braise the legs, and except for the venison, I pull the meat from the bones, and mix each kind of game separately with spices chosen for the menu profile. I apply different sauces to each to highlight the flavors unique to each dish.”

Pheasant Taquitos

Amwell Valley Conservancy PHEASANT TAQUITOS

The Farmhouse Game Noodle Bowl was made with smoked turkey broth. The turkey was brined for four days, and turned into a rich stock, which served as the broth.

Venison Tostones

Christine explained that generally the game meat comes to her frozen. To plan your artisan game meal, call Chef Christine at The Farmhouse to consult with her, and to give her your specific vision, generally two weeks in advance.

Hoisin Glazed Mallard Breast & Leg

Amwell Valley Conservancy PHEASANT TAQUITO