Mint is one of the many non-GMO annual herbs that grow at The Farmhouse.  Its essential oils are used in aromatherapy, and throughout the world for its refreshing taste.  While dining at The Farmhouse Restaurant this summer, you will find mint from our gardens in our mojitos, as well as Chef Christine’s watermelon and tomato salad. Come in and try them, and finish up with some mint tea for a calming meal. But hurry!! Summer is over soon. (No pressure)

There are many other non-GMO herbs growing at the Farmhouse this season. Presently they are being transitioned over with the rest of our fall plantings.

You can learn more about our annual planting schedule, our commitment to the Farm to Table movement and about what’s growing in The Back Forty heirloom garden by going to these links. See below for a great mojito recipe.

Mojito Recipe:

1/2 lime muddled
6 mint leaves middled
1 tsp. sugar
3 oz. rum
1 oz. lime juice
top off with water or club soda