Alexandra & Isaac’s Country Wedding

Robert Lubowiki Photography

July 22, 2016

It was all about city elegance and country charm when Alexandra, who loves the city lights, wed Isaac, a farmer from the hills of Hunterdon County at The Farmhouse at The Grand Colonial. Too young to remember Sza Sza Gábor and Eddie Albert in Green Acres?  So are the bride and groom!

During the rehearsal dinner, Alexandra expressed her concern about the forecast to The Farmhouse’s Director of Catering, Kevin McMullen.  Kevin promised clear skies, despite the storms anticipated by network news. “Look in the back of your contract…. We guarantee the weather too!” quipped Kevin.

Delivering on his promise, the weather on the wedding day was spectacular. Kicking off the festivities, the wedding party arrived in style:  The Bride and her bridesmaids travelled on the Bucks County Trolley’s “maiden” voyage to The Farmhouse, followed by the Groom and his groomsmen, and then all of the couple’s guests. The Trolley was the clarion of the couple’s signature style, which carried through the day’s events, each detail carefully considered, from the sunflowers carried by the Bride, to the refreshments, menu and entertainment they chose for their guests.

Everyone at the Farmhouse wishes them the best of luck!

Dutch Valley Florist supplied the flowers.  The entertainment was provided by PAE Event Group, Paul Anthony and the spectacular photography was captured by Robert Lubowiki Photography.